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Food Provider Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Meal Provider. Please read the following requirements: 

Meal Providers must:

  • Be able to prepare a packaged single dinner meal for at least 200 participants on the allotted day
  • Be able to arrange for delivery to designated pick-up locations
  • Provide meals that meet the following nutritional requirements:
    • Cannot provide sugary drinks. Allowable beverages:
      • Water, unsweetened tea, and coffee
      • Fruit-based and vegetable-based drinks that are 100% juice (without added sweeteners)
      • Milk products, including 1%, nonfat, soy, rice, & other similar non-dairy milk without added sweeteners:
      • Other beverages that do not exceed 25 calories per 8 ounces
    • All meals must be low in sodium
      • Use low-sodium sauces and flavorings
      • Use no more than 1/3 teaspoon of table salt for each full meal
  • Be in good standing with the Orange County Health Care Agency
  • Meet required liability insurance, information security, employment, and food handling/COVID-19 practices
  • Meet all other requirements that apply

To apply to become a meal provider, please complete and submit the form below. You will be contacted in the future as the demand for your services arises.

Need Assistance?

If you are an eligible applicant requiring assistance or an accommodation to complete any step of the application process due to a disability, please contact us at or (949) 335-7702.